Week one coming to an end

Well as week one draws to an end i am feeling a lot better about this course then i did before it started. My university journey has not been a very smooth one… i enrolled in university fresh out of high school, studying a bachelor of accounting. In hindsight now i realise i really should have taken some time off before jumping straight into study, i was still unsure of what i was actually interested in or what i wanted to do with my future and i feel this uncertainty was the start of my problems. I wasn’t happy in my chosen bachelor and my grades reflected it, passing some subjects but failing some also. Not wanting to disappoint my family i continued on with my studies and changed to a bachelor of business hoping it would be better suited to me. Unfortunately i continued to struggle and ended up changing my degree again to psychology, it wasn’t until i continued to fail that i realised i was not ready and was going to continue to fail until i was 100% committed and knew what i wanted to do. I eventually withdrew from uni and pre sued full time work. I have always thought of returning to university to complete my studies but have always had fear and anxiety of failing again which kept me from returning for 7 years. 5 years ago now i began working as a medical receptionist at a medical centre and realised i really enjoyed administration/ office work, i am still unsure of where i would like to end up in the future however i did realise that returning to uni could help me get where i want to be.

So here i am, taking it very slow, one subject at time as i do not want to risk failing again and this time round i am also working full time, raising my 1 year old son as well as finding out we will be adding another addition to the family in September. But I’m older now, I’ve gained experiences, grown up and learnt to prioritise better and am in a busy yet stable time of my life with great support and a lot of love from those around me so i think i can do this…

At the beginning of the week i was dreading this course, from a first look at the assessment criteria i thought i was doomed. I have never blogged before so that was/is very new to me, the thought of having to interact with others on peer wise and in our assignments really made me uneasy and doing it via distance also had me fearful that i would not have enough support. However since diving in it really hasn’t been too bad… i wont speak too soon of course this is only week one after all but so far peer wise turned out to be quite enjoyable and i actually ended up spending a bit too much time participating. Ive created my blog account and I’m posting my first blog right now and i found chapter one to be quite interesting so fingers crossed.

I just received my Company as well but i will leave that for my next blog post 🙂

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this as i know how valuable time really is.





6 thoughts on “Week one coming to an end”

  1. Hi April, congratulations on the baby! such an exciting time ahead and we are all here to give support to you if you need any 🙂 good insight to what uni is. I also changed too much so I know how you feel.

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  2. Hi April, I liked how you really put yourself into this blogging whilst making sure you got a really good feel and understanding about the company that you have even though you weren’t too sure about it at the beginning. I will be looking forward to continue reading!

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  3. Hi April!
    I really enjoyed reading your introduction and learning about the struggles you had with uni. Congrats on your baby number 2 as well!
    I am only just a couple years out of school and i too changed from another course last year and it does suck not knowing where you want to be, i am still uncertain but I’m going to keep trying and hopefully its the right choice! it also doesn’t feel nice when you think you are ‘wasting time’ I was only enrolled for 1 year and felt like I was wasting time! hahaha but I am still so young I guess I was just being silly.
    I too am studying via distance however I am doing full-time as well as caring full-time for my father so i can almost fully understand your work load, it definitely takes its toll!
    Good luck with your studies!

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    1. oh thanks Bianca 🙂 yeah i guess everyones just trying to figure out where they want to be in life and some just take longer then others lol i am envious of those that know exactly what/ who they want to be though! wish i could turn back time and start again… oh gosh full time study is hard so I’m sure you have your plate full, guess we all have our struggles hey.. we will just keep on keeping on 🙂 wishing you the best xx


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